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‘The Malayan Elephant’ Book By Mohd Momin Khan

February 8, 2013

The ‘Malayan book describes the history, trials and tribulations of the Malayan elephant’s conservation; from its infancy in the early 1900s to the current efforts undertaken by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks of Peninsular Malaysia (DWNP). The physiology and anatomy of the Malayan elephant is also described in detail. Most of the information was compiled throughout the course of the conservation works by DWNP in the pursuit of a better understanding of one of the most important flagship species of Malaysia.

The book is authored by Mohd Momin Khan, former Director-General of DWNP and a well-respected figure in wildlife conservation. He has dedicated over 40 years of his life to maintain a viable population of Malayan elephants in Peninsular Malaysia, where the author admitted that the ‘conservation of the elephant was a most difficult undertaking’.

The book publication is part of the many programmes under the Malaysian Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund (MPOWCF) to better understand the Malayan elephant and its importance to our biodiversity. MPOWCF, a fund administered by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), was launched in 2006 with overall responsibility to manage the various conservation projects studies on wildlife, biodiversity and environmental conservation while factoring the overall impact of the palm oil industry on these parameters.