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Palm Oil Production Stagnates Early Into 2023, Says GAPKI

March 28, 2023

“2023 begins with January CPO production of 3,892 thousand tons and PKO (palm kernel oil) of 370 thousand tons,” said Gapki Executive Director Mukti Sardjono in a press statement, Monday, March 27.

According to him, this number is relatively the same as the CPO and PKPK production of January 2022, but 9.3 percent lower compared to the CPO production of December last year which amounted to 4,300 thousand tons. He pinned this dropping production to seasonal factors. X

Meanwhile, the domestic consumption of the two commodities in January this year amounted to 1,786 thousand tons, a slight increase compared to the same month last year of 1,497 thousand tons but slightly lower compared to December 2022 which logged 1,936 thousand tons. 

According to his data, palm oil consumption for the food industry in January 2023 was only 793,000 tons compared to 901,000 tons in December 2022. Meanwhile, the consumption of biodiesel also fell to 810,000 tons from 850,000 tons in December. Meanwhile, consumption for the oleochemical industry in January 2023 was logged at 183,000 tons, relatively the same as in December 2022 (185,000 tons).

The export volume of palm oil in January 2023 reached 2,946 thousand tons. “Exports to Egypt, Italy and Singapore in January 2023 showed a recovery reaching 57.22 thousand tons, 114.28 thousand tons, and 23.8 thousand tons compared to December’s exports of 9.41 thousand tons respectively, 72.58 thousand tons and 8.28 thousand tons,” said Mukti.

Source : TEMPO