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Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil For The South Korean Market

January 31, 2023

The purpose of this seminar was to convey the industry’s objectives, principles, benefits, and role in meeting sustainability criteria, as well as to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The event was also an opportunity to address queries and questions on MSPO from the South Korean market.

Rina Mariati Gustam, Regional Manager for Asia Pacific, gave an opening remark, before delivering her presentation on “Malaysian Palm Oil – Fulfilling Global Needs of Oils and Fats & Overview of Oils and Fats Industry in South Korea”. This was followed by Nursabrina Mohd Hayat, from the Science, Environment and Sustainability Division, who presented a paper on “Nutritional Attributes and Food Uses of Palm Oil”, sharing the health benefits and natural goodness as well as misconceptions of palm oil and red palm oil.

The last and main presenter, Tan Chee Yong, Manager, Technical Outreach & Extension Service Unit, Strategic Management Department, MPOCC spoke on the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO). He explained, among others, the improved sustainability requirements that cover social (which included ILO indicators), environment (MSPO-certified products are not linked to deforestation), and governance.